mercoledì 6 maggio 2009


Well, as my husband usually tells me..... "WHY NOT????" I have been trying to make some funny photoframe.... OF COURSE the old FIAT 500 was a MUST!!!
As I said it's not only glasses!!!

Nesodd Huset Galleri

From Thursday 07/05/2008 you will be able to shop my glasses at

Galleri & Verksdetutsalg
Fagerstrand Naersenter - Skogheim

martedì 5 maggio 2009


Bergen is the first city I have been visiting when I came to Norway for the very first time a few years back. At that time my handsome boyfriend -today's husband.....;) - wanted to show me the town where he studied and still had a cosy appartment. I really loved the town and that's why you have Bryggen on those glasses.

May 17th - Norway's Constitution Day

As you all might know .......... ;) May 17 is Norway's Constitution Day. This will be my first year celebrating this in Norway so I decided to create a collection of glasses to mark this event and have a touch of Norway even on our dining table.

Spring/Summer collection

Spring is finally coming ..... Let's hope will last for some days!!!!!

As all is blooming there you go.... GREEN LEAVES, LADYBUGS, DRAGONFLY and RED FLOWERS!

Moroccan Memories

In my "Pre-Norwegian" life, I have also been living several years in Morocco.... My BELOVED MOROCCO!! Of course the colours, the light and the art are now part of me.
I have been trying to put all this "on glass".

lunedì 4 maggio 2009

First Nordic Collection

This is the collection I called "THE COURT".

You have glasses with Kings, Queens, Jesters and Wizards....

I got inspired by the Norwegian Saga Of King Olaf Tryggwason Who Reigned Over Norway A. D. 995 To A. D. 1000 .

I hope you will enjoy seeing my work!