lunedì 4 maggio 2009

First Nordic Collection

This is the collection I called "THE COURT".

You have glasses with Kings, Queens, Jesters and Wizards....

I got inspired by the Norwegian Saga Of King Olaf Tryggwason Who Reigned Over Norway A. D. 995 To A. D. 1000 .

I hope you will enjoy seeing my work!

2 commenti:

  1. So wonderful to see the beautiful expressions of your artistic talents!!! I also tried some glass painting during one vacation in Japan some years ago and it was a lot of fun but your designs are so much more varied, creative, and refined. All the very best for your future artistic endeavours, and best wishes as well for your good health during this special time! Lots of love & hugs to you, Alex, Aaron, & .... :) --June

  2. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! How are things going on the other side of the planet??
    Here all is fine and we know now that we are going to have another baby boy!!!! Hope to have soon news from you. Love from us all!!! Gio